Coffee County
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Baily has been at Children's Hospital child since he was about three weeks old. He continued with vomiting and respiratory infections. We had our second surgery at Children's when he was about six weeks old, and our third by one year old. By age four he continued to stay sick despite efforts to keep him well. His team of physicians began to search for the source of his illness. His pulmonologist since infancy diagnosed him with Common Variable Immunodeficiency. A disorder that makes it very difficult for Baily to fight off infections and viruses. Baily continues to travel to Children’s sometimes monthly or every three months depending on how we are doing. He receives gamma-globulin weekly to boost his immune system and temporarily give him immunities he does not have. We love Children's hospital. They have given us hope, support, and love through some very difficult times with Baily. They are the reason we have him today. Children’s Hospital has given us stability for our son. He has struggled all of his life and Children’s has given him a chance to have a normal childhood.