Mickelluh  Denis
Out of State
Feature Story
Mickelluh has always shown signs of being sick in some sort of way. And when I, as his mom, was diagnosed with FAP when he was 5 months old, began worrying that he also had the same disease. My husband and I tried for six years to get someone to listen to us that Micke may possibly also be inflicted with FAP, but NO ONE would listen to us. He's too young everyone always told us, until we went to Children’s Hospital and finally someone did listen to us. That doctor was Dr. Saeed! He arranged for Micke to have a colonoscopy, and sure enough, our baby had polyps and those polyps had signs of adenomas. He then sent us to Dr. Barnhart who agreed that our son was going to need surgery and scheduled it for July 5, 2007. We went through months of complications but finally came through good enough to have his takedown. He is now a very healthy and happy 6 year old who is looking forward to his upcoming 7th Birthday! Thank you Children’s for listening to us and giving us and our son hope for a long and healthy future!! Oh we can't even explain what Children's really means to us. They saved our son’s life by listening and believing us that something might be wrong. They ensured us that we will be a family for the rest of our lives, by giving us the correct diagnosis and taking care of it quickly to make sure our son lives a long life. Our son knows what they did for him. They helped him to understand everything that has happened. They made him proud of his scars saying that he can show them off and say this is where I had surgery, and he does A LOT... He's very proud of that, and he can tell everyone what was wrong and who fixed it