Jackson Chard
Not Feature Story
On Friday, September 13, 2002 our son Jackson, 16 months old, pulled a crock pot off the counter top in our kitchen, spilling hot liquid on his tiny body. Luckily we lived only blocks from Children's Hospital at the time, and he was rushed there. Within an hour of the accident, he was in the Children's Burn Unit undergoing hydro-therapy. It was determined that he had deep and superficial second degree burns on 22% of his body. Dr. Hardin told us to expect him to be at Children's for at least 22 days. But Jackson was a super healthy toddler prior to the accident and was a very cooperative little patient. He ate very well in the hospital to get the huge amount of calories needed to heal burns, and after only three days Dr. Hardin told us we could take him home. We were instructed on the complicated dressing changes and after five days we brought him home. Because of new technology at Children's in burn care at the time, Jackson does not have a single scar on his body today, and is a thriving second grader in our new home in Connecticut. He excels in school, in soccer, swimming and baseball. He is a very happy and healthy little boy, and a wonderful big brother. He knows the whole story of what happened to him, and he appreciates what Children's did for him all those years ago.

I can't begin to say what Children's has meant to our family. We feel so blessed that Jackson was able to be in a burn unit so quickly after the accident happened. We know that is why he had such a wonderful outcome. The staff was amazing. I am an RN and they let me take an active role in his care, which helped when we brought him home from the hospital with bandages over most of his body. The advanced technology at Children's was first rate and Jackson has no scars on his body because of the new technology in burn care that Children's was using and the quick intervention. Not only was the medical staff wonderful, the play therapists and physical therapists were so supportive. Jackson was terrified of sirens and ambulances after the accident, and the psychologists knew just how to help him through his fears. We have tried to support the burn unit since the accident by donating toys, books, and videos and making yearly monetary contributions. If I could donate a million dollars to the burn unit, I would. We are so thankful Children's was there for us.