Christopher Sellers
Tuscaloosa County
Not Feature Story
Who could know that exposure to walking pneumonia could cause Stevens-Johnson Syndrome? We had never heard of SJS until Christopher was diagnosed in May 2007. It started out with a small rash on his neck and swollen lips. After getting to the emergency room in Tuscaloosa, the rash was spreading to the rest of his body, and blisters were forming on his neck and ears. When his condition did not improve, he was transferred to Children's. That was when he was diagnosed with SJS. He was in the PICU for two days then he was transferred to a regular room. His veins had become so weak that the nurses had to try to get IVs in his feet. By now the rash was from head to foot, and the blisters were all around his neck and ears, and down his throat. He could hardly talk. He would write things down to let us know what he needed. After receiving antibiotics and IVIG, he was on the road to recovery. He finally started eating a few days later. It was hard to eat with the blisters in his mouth and throat. With special prayers from our Church, Big Sandy Baptist, and the healing hands of the doctors and nurses at Children's, through God's healing power, Christopher was healed by the end of one week. Most SJS patients usually take much, much longer to recover. There have been no lasting effects from SJS. He missed the last month of school for his 4th grade year. Now he is doing great in the 5th grade, and is taller than his mom. Children's was so wonderful. The doctors and nurses, and everyone were so caring and helpful. They were willing to answer any questions that we had. The specialists were able to make a diagnosis when the local hospital had never seen anyone with SJS. My husband, Kevin, Christopher, and I will always remember the excellent care that he received while there. Children's will always hold a special place in our hearts.