Coffee County
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Madyson was first at Children's in May 2006 to have a g-tube placed by Dr. Georgeson. She was transferred from the NICU at Baptist South in Montgomery. It was a scary situation, but the staff made it easier to deal with through their support. We were finally able to take our little girl home on May 23, 2006. We returned to Children's in Sept 2006 because Madyson's tempature had risen to a dangerous 108 degrees. She was in the PICU this time, and the staff was just as friendly and supportive as our previous stay. The neurologist team went over Madyson's EEG and MRI in depth with us. We learned more about her illness in the short time the staff talked with us, than we had since her birth in April 2006. Although it could not be determined what caused the spike in tempature, Madyson received the best care possible.

Madyson passed away in Feb 2007, but I know we would not have gotten the wonderful nine months with her if it was not for the care she received at Children's. I am expecting my second child in April 2008, and hope he/she will never need the wonderful care from Children's; however, it makes it easier to know that if we need that level of care it is only a few hours away.