Morgan County
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On June 23, 2005 our lives forever changed. Jaxon was born at approx. 1:30 pm at Decatur General Hospital. As soon as he was born, he was transferred to the nearest NICU in North Alabama. Little did we know, Jaxon was VERY special. After testing in the NICU we became aware that Jaxon was born with a rare genetic makeup. To be exact, so rare that he is only one of about 40 documented cases. He has a chromosome 10p deletion, trisomy 6. When Jaxon was just under two months old, he was transferred to Children's Hospital. My husband and I, along with our pediatrician felt that it was in his best interest to be where the BEST doctors were. The day before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Jaxon coded in my arms. It took the doctors at Children's 35 minutes to intubate him. He was immediately transferred to the PICU. While in PICU we were told that Jaxon's airways were obstructed and he was in need of a trach to fully thrive. We were so scared, but felt that we were not alone because we had such an AMAZING team of doctors. During his stay, which lasted until he was almost four months old, he had the trach placed along with a feeding tube. Without being transferred to medical wonders, our Jaxon would not be with us today. He is now three years old. We are so grateful to the wonderful care that Jaxon receives from Children's Hospital doctors and staff. We now make visits to Children's Hospital monthly, sometimes twice a month, and they treat us like family!

Children's Hospital is a lifesaver!! We truly believe, had we not gotten Jaxon transferred when we did, that he would not be with us today. The doctors and staff were so “on top of things”, that when he got into his room after being transferred, there was a team of doctors waiting for him. They immediately started running tests and trying to come up with his "medical plan". We are so grateful. Jaxon sees four doctors at Children's Hospital and they are like our family. It’s so nice when you are at the Clinics for a visit and one of your other doctors see you, and takes the time to come over and visit. We know that they truly care about Jaxon and his progress. We cannot thank Children's Hospital enough for everything that they have done for us and our family. Without God, and our wonderful doctors at Children's, our lives would be a little less bright. Our doctors are HEAVEN sent :)