Montgomery County
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My name is Jeffretta Splunge. I am15 years old. I was diagnosed with a kidney disease when I was only eight years old. My first reaction was feeling scared and confused at how this could happen to me. When I tell people they think I’m not telling the truth because I look perfectly healthy on the outside. I felt sad and alone at times. I take a lot of medicine each day. Through family friends and prayer we are getting through this alright. I still see Dr. Benfield at Children’s Hospital. My kidney disease will remain with me all my life. And I hope Children’s Hospital will help someone like they are helping me.

Children’s is a good place for kids who are sick. When my daughter was first diagnosed with FSGS I was scared thinking she was going to die. Doctors explained everything to us they were so kind and nice. They only not took care of my daughter they also took care of me. The staff was so friendly. They made me laugh when I wanted to cry. Thank heaven for my family at Children’s Hospital.