Montgomery County
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Shortly after moving to Alabama with the military, our then five and a half month old daughter Amy started having some unusual symptoms. Unable to find anything, our pediatrician referred us to Children's for a direct admittance. An ultrasound showed a large mass in her pelvic region. CT scans proved "concerning" and a biopsy moved us onto 4 Tower, the oncology ward with the "C" word. . .CANCER. Amy underwent several rounds of chemo before finally going to surgery to remove the tumor (and getting a colostomy). After a few more rounds of chemo, she was in remission. Several more months later, they were able to take-down the colostomy. One of her chemo drugs caused hearing impairment and she now wears hearing aides. BUT . . .today, Amy is a happy, healthy three year old active in preschool, gymnastics and dance. Thanks be to God and to Children's Hospital!

Amy grew up in the hospital. We even extended our military assignment just to remain at Children's Hospital. As our closest family was 800 miles away, the nurses, doctors, and Chaplain Paul became our family and support system. All Amy's chemo was inpatient and then she would be too sick to go home again (or we would be in an ambulance within 24 hours). Rotovirus and C-diff knocked her further, but she still learned to crawl, walk, talk, and grow in the hospital. Nothing could keep that child down. For us, coming regularly for follow-up appointments and scans is a little like "coming home." The love we've experienced will remain with us forever.