Calhoun County
Not Feature Story
My story is about Johnathan Stancil. He was born on August 26, 1989 in Jacksonville, Alabama and was a very healthy boy. At 6 months he got spinal meningitis and spent 16 days in Anniston and about two weeks after that we ended up at Children's he was throwing up and when he went to the eye doctor he said something was wrong and told us we needed to go to children's and be seen by a doctor over there and we went and saw Dr. Rutledge. She put him in the hospital right away. She started drawing the blood of the top of his head for 15 days he was very sick he started running a fever and they did not know why. They did CAT scans on him to make sure the pressure was going away out of the top of his head. He had to have blood. When we got that fixed we when he was two he started having seizures he has been in and out of children’s of those with Dr. Matheson and they could not fix them in Anniston. Then at the age of six we started seeing Dr. Perez for kidney problems another problem that Anniston could not fix and of course children’s did helped again and fixed the problem. And when Dr. Perez left we started seeing Dr. Benefield for is kidneys. Johnathan has been in and out of children’s for many things and we could always count on children’s they have saved him several times and the doctors we have been there for x-rays to stays in the hospital.

Children's means a lot to me my husband and to Johnathan if it was not for them our son probably would not be were he is at today he is 19 years old and is doing good still has some problems but not has bad no matter what we was at children’s for the nurse the staff was always good to us and to Johnathan. There was one nurse Mary Easter wood she was great we loved her and would always come see her till she left children's. I want to thank all the nurses and doctors of what they did for Johnathan. Dr Rutledge, Dr. Perez, Dr. Matheson and Dr. Benefield for all that they have done for Johnathan they did so much for him and if it was not for Children's I don't know what we would have done we love everyone at children's and thanks so much.