Madison County
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My twin girls are 10 months old and both were born with cleft lip/palate. We have been traveling back and forth to Birmingham since they were two months old. They will have numerous surgeries throughout life. They had their first surgery in February 2008 (which was two procedures by two different doctors). It was their lip surgery and ear tubes. We stayed overnight at Children’s.

They then had another surgery in June 2008 for another set of tubes. Their doctor is awesome and has done a wonderful job with them. Their next surgery is coming up in September 2008. This will be the palate surgery and we will be staying over night for two nights at CH. Then they will be done for a while.

They will then have a bone graft when they are approximately six years old. They might have a few revisions in the future to their palate as they grow, but only time will tell.

Children’s Hospital means the world to us. The doctors and nurses are wonderful there and I know my girls are getting the best possible care that we can give them.