Limestone County
Not Feature Story
My baby girl was born on August 19, 1993 and it was supposed to be the most exciting day, but it turned into the most scary day. I thought my baby girl was not going to make it. It took awhile for anybody to know what she had; they had never seen anything like it. She was born at Athens Limestone Hospital and then sent to Children's Hospital. As soon as my doctor released me, I was on my way to be with her. She was four days old when her little body had to go through and eight hour surgery! Dr. Pain removed the tumor, Dr. Joseph was there to help put her little organs back where they belonged. Soon after the surgery we found out that the tumor was malignant and she needed chemo. Dr. Hilliard has been with us since day one! Three months of chemo was next. One of the side effects of chemo was hearing loss so we started doing the tests for that. Fifteen years later my angel baby wears hearing aids but is cancer free!!

That was the most terrifying experience I have ever been through but the Doctor's and nurses' explained everything, every step of the way! They became a big part of my family and they took excellent care of my Emilee. She was so tiny and so helpless and they took extra special care of her. They saved her and I have her with me today, thanks to them and to the wonderful Lord above who was with them while they took care of her. If anybody ever tells me they have to go to Children's for any reason, I tell them they will be fine! Children's will take good care of them!