Lee County
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Bennie was diagnosed about two weeks after his 11th birthday and the prognosis was not good. Scans showed that he had a cancerous tumor on his left kidney, in his lung, on his liver and on his bones. Chemotherapy was started at the beginning of November 2007. I thought I would not have much time to spend with my precious son. Then, I gave it all over to the Man Above and just believed that He would oversee the healing process. After the first round of chemo his scans showed 90% shrinkage in all areas. I knew he would be okay. I had the Lord, Bennie's courage, my willpower, a wonderful doctor, a great hospital, a host of wonderful nurses and a caring staff, a great support system, and a host of prayer warriors. In January 2008 he had his left kidney removed, a piece of his lung removed and a few nodules removed. Believe it or not, he was only in the hospital a week. After that the chemo resumed until the beginning of August 2008. Scans were done and all looked good. He was able to begin 6th grade along with his classmates and has not had any illness. God is gracious and ever present.