Lawrence County
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My grandson, Levi was diagnosed with cancer, neuroblastoma February 2, 2002 in stage 4. He was given chemo to shrink the tumor, then he had surgery to remove the tumor, then a stem cell transplant and radiation on his lungs; (the cancer was in his lungs, not in his bone marrow as all other children's have been). No cancer could be found in May 2003 but he relapsed in August 2003. Chemo was started again then Dr. Eric Gratias referred him to Sloan-Kettering in New York for 3F8 treatment. There he had several 3F8 IV treatments which are very painful, and 10 more radiation treatments. They performed bone marrows, scans and other tests during his several visits there. He has been clear of cancer since late 2004 and we are very grateful for God's graciousness in giving the doctors at Children's Hospital and at Sloan-Kettering know how to treat Levi. It has been a long journey and many days of praying and crying for his health. He is now 10 years old, is growing and some days he eats everything in his path, thank goodness! He will return in September for tests to see if he is still without cancer. He has had some very difficult months due to treatments.

Children's Hospital is a wonderful place. I recommend Children's over any other pediatric care facility that I am aware of. Levi was admitted immediately on Monday night so tests could begin early on Tuesday. Children's is a great facility.