Taylor  Hendrix
Lauderdale County
Feature Story
Taylor was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at 11 years old in Sept 2006. She had complained of her right arm hurting on and off over the summer, but was on the swim team and we thought it was from daily swimming. We were very blessed to find out that Taylor's cancer was located to just one area. Taylor began her chemo in Sept of 2006 and had treatment until Dec 5, 2006 when she had her reconstructive surgery. After her surgery she again had six months of chemo to assure all cancer cells were killed. Taylor was so very sick during treatment that she lost a great deal of weight and had to have a feeding tube placed. Taylor remained very strong during her entire chemo treatment and kept everyone else strong. She also was, and is, very inspiring to others going through the same thing. Taylor has had regular six week scans and check-ups and as of her last scans in June 2008, remains CANCER FREE.

We are so very blessed by all the kind, caring, professional, loving doctors and nurses and other staff and family we have grown to know and love at Children’s Hospital. If it were not for them and the great amount of prayer Taylor received, she would not have done so remarkably. We are very grateful. We always go by to visit when we are in Birmingham, even if Taylor does not have an appointment. We feel as if Children’s Hospital and our doctors and nurses are part of our family. I would recommend Children's to anyone for confident, caring, safe and loving treatment.