Jefferson County
Feature Story
After several months of having a fever, a limp and other symptoms Taylor was diagnosed on 10.10.02 with Neuroblastoma, a very rare childhood cancer. We were sent to Dr. Berkow in the Oncology dept. It was a long hard battle, but so far Taylor is winning. We never had a bad moment on 4 tower or clinic 8. We truly love our staff at Children's and are so grateful for them. God put us right where we needed to be. We praise God everyday for the miracle he gave us in Taylor and for giving us Children's Hospital.

Children's means everything to us. It was our home away from home for days and weeks on end. We stayed for a month straight for his bone marrow transplant. The staff became our family and even now, six years later, we keep in contact with many of them outside of the hospital setting. I wish that my child had never had cancer, but I am so thankful for the people that the situation led us too.