Jason Peterson
Jefferson County
Not Feature Story
About 31 years ago, when Jason Peterson was around two years old, he suffered second and third degree burns on his entire chest and back with blisters the size of softballs. I rushed Jason to the emergency room at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL. The doctor and nurses who treated Jason were simply awesome. They went the extra mile in Jason’s care and thoroughly instructed me on how to continue treatment of Jason’s burns to avoid infection and permanent damage. Because of the caring and meticulous doctor and nurses, Jason does not have any residual scars from his accident. Jason is now an R.N. and has worked at Children’s Hospital of Alabama since 1994. He manages critical care transport. He is passionately dedicated to his job and I cannot help but wonder if the personalized care he received during his childhood injury makes him even more enthusiastic and conscientious in his job when helping children. Jason received the Children’s Miracle Network 2006 Achievement Award for his efforts in rescuing critically ill neonatal infants who were stranded in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. This is a perfect example of giving back after having received. No doubt, this is one of the reasons Jason is so committed to his job at Children’s Hospital and it is evident that we live in a "circle of life". Of note is that Jason is also the assistant fire chief at his local volunteer fire department and a Jefferson County deputy sheriff reserve. Jason, his wife Leigh Ann, and his two sons Carson and Landon are also very active in their community and church. It is comforting and reassuring to know that Children's is nearby and they have the most qualified doctors and nurses available who genuinely care about their patients.