Houston County
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Dr. Charles Law is my hero! Because of my CP it was very hard for my mom to give me a bath and change my clothes. Then we heard of this new thing called a "baclofen pump" and decided to call Dr. Law. We set up an appointment for a trial dose to see if it would work on me. Well, it did and I am now on my second pump. Without this pump and medicine, my mom would not be able to take as good of care of me as she does. This medicine helps to keep me from being so tight in my arms and legs and actually helps me and her both. Thank you Dr. Law and thank you Children's Hospital for all you do and continue to do. I have to go up there about every 10 weeks for a refill of my pump and they are wonderful to us. Especially Miss Cindy, Dr. Law's Nurse Practitioner. Thanks to all of them I get the BEST care in the world!!! It means that no matter what the problem and whether or not we can afford it, they are there for us. They are the greatest!!! They do not discriminate against you for any reason. It doesn't matter about your financial status, your color, race, religion or anything. We wouldn't be here without them!!! Thank you very much!!!