Houston County
Feature Story
I went to the Children's Hospital when I was 15. I met Dr. Pacifico (aka Dr. Magnifico!) and was told that I had to have open-heart surgery. He helped my family feel more at ease throughout the ordeal, and we are still grateful. I am 22 years old now, and have since made a full recovery. I work at Wal-Mart as a cashier. When I learned how the company was such a big supporter of the Children's Hospital, I knew that I had to get involved. I went to visit the Children's Hospital on Wal-Mart Appreciation Day and was amazed at all the good that comes out of the place. I sold 599 balloons in the CMN balloon campaign, coming in 2nd place. I also have made over $550 for CMN by keeping a jar at my register and collecting loose change. I am so proud that I am a part of something that makes such a difference in the lives of so many!

Children's Hospital gave me my life back. I was told that I was a "ticking time bomb", and that it was a miracle that I was still alive. Dr. Pacifico made me feel more at ease by answering our questions and explaining every little detail. Without a doctor like him, the stress alone would have killed me! I am forever grateful to the Children's Hospital for doing what they do everyday.