Elijah Robertson
Houston County
Not Feature Story
Since birth, Elijah has suffered severe acid reflux. We tried for months to find out the source of the problem without any luck. After several months and several visits to his doctor, we finally were able to get in to see Dr. Prescott Adkinson in the Allergy Clinic at Children's. After Dr. Adkinson reviewed Elijah's symptoms, he realized that Elijah could have food allergies that cause the acid reflux. He immediately set us up an appointment with Dr. Janaina Nogueria at Children's. After a routine upper GI, Dr. Noguiera was able to diagnose Elijah with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. This disorder is caused by food allergies that set up "allergy cells" in the esophagus. The issue with this disorder is that no one knows what really causes it, and there is no cure. However, thanks to Dr. Noguiera and her staff, Elijah is able to take an experimental steroid that helps breakdown the "allergy cells" in his esophagus. He is also able to be on a diet that is not as strict as other patients suffering with the disorder. If it were not for Children's Hospital of Alabama, our family would be without hope. We would have never been able to find out the source of our child's medical problems. We also would have been forced to travel farther than what we have to travel now for treatment.