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My Two Angels

I have a 17 year old, Dominic and a 13 year old, Josh and they have been going to Children's in Birmingham for over 10 years. In the past year and a half my 13 year old has been hospitalized over 6 times, had a sinus surgery there as well as, a lung scope. My oldest child averages staying once to twice a year. When we moved to Alabama in 1998 our deciding factor was how great the CF program at the hospital was. My son Dominic who was 7 at the time, was in very bad condition and I was told at another children’s hospital that he didn’t have much time, today he is a thriving senior in high school. That is totally due to the aggressive treatment and help from Dr. Chris Makris and the entire CF team. Now we are experiencing a scary time for Josh as he has not been very healthy lately and has also been diagnosed with Diabetes. As we have really gotten to know the staff in the hospital this past year I can say that they are wonderful as well. From the nurses on the 5th floor to the food service staff that come around and call him by name and take the time to talk to him each day. That makes a difference in our day when we are there for long stays. In 2005 we moved back to our home state of MS and lost our home to Hurricane Katrina, after trying to stay for 4 months after the storm we realized it was affecting the health of our sons. We immediately returned to Alabama so they could continue treatment at children's hospital in Birmingham. Just recently Dominic was diagnosed with a serious bacteria that he contracted from living in the hurricane affected area. We have decided as a family that this is where we are supposed to be because they receive the absolute best care in the US right here in our home state. I am forever grateful to the entire staff of Children's Hospital for what they do each day for my two angels.

Children's means everything to our entire family. Without the wonderful programs, treatment and staff of the hospital our children would not be as well as they are today.