Houston County
Not Feature Story
Courtney is a brave young lady. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was three years old. We were sent to Children’s at that time and are still using them today. Courtney had been doing really well until 2005 when we found out her tumor had tripled in size and needed to be removed. Where Courtney’s tumor is located they are not able to remove it all. They can only get what grows outside the brain stem. We had to return in August of that year to have another surgery and again in 2008. We have just come home from her third surgery. This time Courtney will have to undergo chemo or radiation that will have to be done in Birmingham. Her doctor and nurse, Mrs. Nadine Bradley, are super and are always their when we need them. Courtney is recovering from surgery at home and we will be making more trips up there and we always feel welcome. Without Children’s I don’t know where we would be. They really helped my daughter and us as a family. Dr. John Wellons and nurse Nadine Bradley are our guardian angels. Nadine has always gone into surgery with Courtney because of her being scared and a lot of people would not do that. People have asked me to change hospitals but I always tell them she is in safe hands and I do not want to change because I don't think I could find a better doctor and staff.