Elliot Barfield
Out of State
Not Feature Story
On April 7, 1994, due to complications, Elliott was born at 26 weeks gestation weighing only 1 lb 11 1/2 ounces and was only 13 inches long. He was born at UAB in Birmingham and struggled being on life support for 29 days and continuing to need oxygen following that. After five months he had not made considerable progress. He was still dependent on oxygen and was transferred to Children's Hospital for surgery to correct a hiatal hernia and to receive a gastrostomy for feeding. He came through the surgery with great success and started to make improvements. He was finally able to go home at the age of eight months weighing eight pounds with a feeding tube, 24 hour oxygen, and too many medications to list. He struggled but was such a joy to have. He grew at a slow pace and after 6 years he was able to kick the dependency to oxygen. Through the years we have been in and out of Children's Hospital with respiratory infections. Elliott is now 13 years old and thriving. He hasn't been hospitalized for the past four years. Children's means the gift of life. If it weren't for all the wonderful people that were involved in Elliott's care I truly do not know if he would be here today. We were given a choice to move to a hospital closer to our hometown, but we choose to drive four hours to Children's because we trust them SO MUCH!!!