Hale County
Feature Story
On May 3, 2007 our little girl Mary Lauren was brought to Children’s for evaluation. She was born with a rare condition called tracheal webbing. The day she was transferred she had a severe pulmonary hemorrhage and almost died. Thanks to the skill of the doctors and nurses in the NICU, Mary Lauren is now a happy one year old. The doctors and nurses were so caring and compassionate not only to our little girl but also to my husband and me. Everyday they took time to check on us and give us reassurance and a shoulder to cry on. I thank God for Children’s and their staff because without them we would not have our beautiful little girl. Children's is a place of hope. When Mary Lauren was born no one at our hospital had even heard of her condition, let alone dealt with it before. At Children's we met with a team of doctors and nurses that let us know upfront what they were doing and gave us as much information as they could about her condition. The Children's staff has become like a second family and now when we have to come for doctor’s appointments we look forward to seeing the nurses and doctors who cared for Mary Lauren.