Hale County
Feature Story
Andrew started getting sick at the age of five weeks. He had pneumonia five times. He has 19 surgeries. Surgeries include ear drum replacement on both ears, tonsils and adnoids removed, five port placements/removals, along with many more. Andrew still doesn't complain. His fevers have been as high as 105.7 for days. He has had ruptured ear drums, stayed at Children's for sometimes a month at a time; still never complaining. He gets an IV every 28 days (for his immune system) to help him stay as well as possible. He is now 15 and never complains.

Without Children's hospital my child would not have lived to see the age of three. We could not handle this without the doctors and nurses at Children's. They are our extended family. He loves his nurses and doctors and hates that he will soon have to move on from Children's to another hospital due to his age. He will never forget or be able to thank them enough for what they have given him.