Geneva County
Not Feature Story
Ever since my little girl was born she has had a problem with ears and sinuses. We were told at age 3 that we had carnial stenosis and that we had to go and see a Neurologist at Children’s. When we arrived we were scared and unsure of what the outcome would be after seeing the doctor and talking with him he put our minds at ease, that she would be fine and that no surgery was needed. Two years later we were once again told that we had to go to Children’s and that our little girl’s sinuses were not growing like they should and that we needed to see a doctor there. We made that long trip once again. We saw Dr. Wooley and he decided that he needed to go in and look around so we allowed him to do so. We spent one night at Children’s and I could not have asked for anyone to have been any nicer. We had to go back two years later and have another surgery and we had to stay four days that time. Everyone was so nice and we will never forget them. Ours was so simple but scary at the same time. We have made several trips since 2005 but by God’s grace we have not had to have another surgery. She is doing great now. We still have problems with our sinuses but who doesn’t in South Alabama. Children’s means so much to my little girl and our family. We could not have asked for the staff, doctors, and nurses to have been any better. I will never forget the lady that walked up to me and my family at the doors of surgery and my little girl was screaming to the top of her lungs begging me to help her and this lady came up to the stretcher and ask my little girl if she could go back with her that mommies and daddies couldn't go behind the line and my little girl allowed her to do so. When she came out she did not hesitate to come and let me know that my little girl was fine and that she went to sleep. Things and people like that is what make Children’s so special. Thanks for being so great. I am a nurse myself and know the importance of a caring and loving staff and you have that staff at Children’s.