Policies and Procedures

1. The Bradley lecture Center is open and staffed from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise indicated by the Lecture Center.

2. With prior agreement the Bradley Lecture Center may accommodate functions at other times for a minimum $400 facilities service charge per room.

3. All scheduling must be coordinated through the Bradley Lecture Center Director or her designee.

4. All scheduling will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Arrangements are considered confirmed after both parties have signed the contract, a confirmation number has been issued, and the deposit of 20% of anticipated facilities charges have been received at the Bradley Lecture Center.

6. Appropriate function rooms are assigned at the discretion of the Bradley Lecture Center management according to expected attendance and set up requirements.

7. Changes in the size of a group may necessitate reassignment to a more suitable room.

8. Audio Visual requests must be made at the time of booking to ensure the availability of equipment and an audio visual technician.

9. Arrangements may be made for conference materials to be delivered to the Bradley Lecture Center no more than four (4) days prior to the event date.

10. Boxes must be clearly labeled with the name of the group and should be sent to the attention of your Bradley Lecture Center contact. The Bradley Lecture Center MUST be notified in advance to expect shipments or they will not be received.

11. The Bradley Lecture Center cannot assume responsibility for delivery, condition, or pick-up of materials. For your safety and convenience, all deliveries and pick-ups are to be made to the Children's Hospital Loading Dock entrance.

12. All teleconferencing requests require the approval of the Chief Technology Officer of Children's health System.

13. No alcohol of any type is to be served or consumed within the Children's Harbor Building and is strictly prohibited without prior written approval of the Bradley lecture Center, and completion of necessary licensure. Any use of alcohol without written permission from the Bradley Lecture Center will result in the immediate termination of the event without refund, and the group will be barred from future use of the Bradley Lecture Center and appropriate action under the law.

14. All food and beverage must be arranged through the Bradley Lecture Center and at no time may food or beverages be brought into, or taken out of the Center.

15. For events occurring outside of normal operating hours, the meeting planner will be responsible for the cost of a security officer from the Children's Hospital Security Department. Security fees begin at $50.00 for each officer for two hours (minimum) and $20.00 per hour for each officer thereafter. The number of hours and number of officers will be determined by the size and length of your function.

16. The Bradley Lecture Center is a smoke free environment and no smoking is permitted in the building or on the balconies at any time.

17. Decorations are strictly limited, and any decorations must be approved by the Bradley Lecture Center management prior to the event. No Latex Balloons are permitted in the Bradley Lecture Center, and nothing may be attached to walls or ceiling.

18. Decorating with, or throwing of, rice, birdseed, confetti, or glitter is prohibited inside the Center.

19. If extraordinary cleaning beyond normal routine is required after your event, a cleaning fee may be assessed.

20. Open flames such as candles are prohibited by fire department regulation.

21. Unless prior arrangement is made, full payment for the event is due 48 hours prior to the event. If payment is not received, your event may be considered cancelled, and deposits forfeited.

22. Credit may be established for organizations desiring direct billing. Payment is due within 30 days after the function. Late charges may be applied to overdue balances.

23. All Federal, State, and Local laws must be obeyed including all regulations from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

24. Animals or pets are strictly prohibited, except as allowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

25. Events may be cancelled up to 14 days prior to the event without charge and with full refund of advance deposits. Within 14 day of the event a cancellation may be subject to a service charge up to the amount of the advance deposit.