Intestinal Rehabilitation

Children's Center for Advanced Intestinal Rehabilitation (CCAIR) combines the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team along with the most innovative technologies for the care of patients diagnosed with complicated pediatric intestinal failure. The team includes pediatric surgery, pediatric gastroenterology, clinical nutrition, advanced practice nursing, occupational therapy, social service and research.

Goals of the Intestinal Rehabilitation program are to: maximize intestinal adaptation, eliminate or reduce parenteral nutrition requirements, transition to oral/enteral feedings, maintain growth and development and reduce the need for intestinal transplantation. The management of intestinal failure is a complicated process that involves the collaboration of the patient and their families as well as the entire rehab team. The CCAIR multi-disciplinary team will work diligently with all persons involved to provide care specifically tailored to each child's needs.

Services Provided:

  • Nutrition- Providing comprehensive nutritional care to promote growth and development while educating families on optimal nutrition for each individual patient
  • Occupational therapy- evaluating and treating conditions that may impede a child learning life skills
  • Pharmacy- pharmacological management of short bowel/malabsorption
  • Social Work- enhancing the overall well-being of patients and families
  • Research- utilizing science to improve the quality of life of patients with intestinal failure

Conditions Treated:

  • Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)
    • NEC- an infection or inflammation of the small and/or large intestine of premature or low birth weight infants that often results in the loss of a portion of the intestinal tract
  • Gastroschisis
    • a congenital defect in the abdominal wall, which during fetal development, fails to close to the right of a normal umbilical cord. Bowel herniates through the defect and has no covering. This condition is often associated with multiple intestinal atresias. 
  • Intestinal atresias
    • a congenital malformation where there is a narrowing or absence of a portion of the intestine
  • Pseudo-obstruction

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