Compliance Education

Compliance Education is a key element of the Corporate Compliance Program and of compliance success.

The Office of Inspector General's Supplemental Compliance Program Guidance for Hospitals recommends that all employees complete annual compliance education. To facilitate this, a web-based training program is available through Children's University on the Children's Intranet, The Red Wagon. You may access the Children's University website from The Red Wagon.  Your required training is listed in your TO DO list. 

Please contact the Help Desk at (205) 638-6568 for assistance with User IDs and passwords.

The Compliance Training was developed by the Corporate Compliance Division. Completion of the training is included on Children's annual employee evaluations and required for continued employment.

We hope this computer-based training is an enjoyable, interactive way to gain important, necessary corporate compliance knowledge.

We realize not all employees have access to and experience in computer use. Therefore, the Corporate Compliance Staff provides options for meeting this requirement:

(1) Employees who have access and computer experience may complete the lessons independently.

(2) Employees that cannot access computer-based training may attend classroom-style training. 

Departmental classes may be scheduled by request of department heads. 

If you would like to schedule Compliance training, have questions, or need assistance, please call Salena Stalker, Compliance Coordinator (205) 638-2370.