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Brain Docs Raise Concussion Alarm For Kids' Sports
The risk of concussions from football and some other sports is so serious that a qualified athletic trainer should always be on the field...

High Cost of Safe Sports
Medical help to avert student sports tragedies is an expensive problem lawmakers are trying to solve.
By: Garry Boulard
State Legislatures
July/August 2009

Effectiveness of Foot Orthoses for Treatment and Prevention of Lower Limb Injuries
A research article review describing different treatment effects to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of foot orthoses in the treatment and prevention of lower limb injuries.
By: Patria Hume and Will Hopkins.

Treatment of Chronic Elbow Tendinosis With Buffered Platelet-Rich Plasma
A research article review that shows benefits of the platelet-rich plasma injections as a treatment opition for chronic elbow tendinosis.
By: Allan Mishra, MD. and Terri Pavelko, PAC, PT.

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