Early Intervention Services

The Children's of Alabama Early Intervention Services (CEI) is a comprehensive, family-centered program designed to meet the special needs of infants, toddlers and their families.

CEI provides individualized and/or group services to children demonstrating delays in motor, cognitive, language, social, and/or self-help development as well as those who have a diagnosed medical condition that put them at risk for developmental delays.

CEI also provides developmental enrichment services to typically developing children and their families through the Group Peer program.

CEI Team, Parents, Family
From the very beginning, parents are vital members of the decision making team. Throughout their child's enrollment, parents and other family members are given support and information to help their child reach his/her optimal development.

Ages Served
Children can be served by EIS from birth until they are 36 months old. Once a child is 30 months old, the CEI team assists families to begin the transition phase to prepare for each child's next appropriate environment at age three (i.e., daycare, preschool, Head Start, etc.).

There are no costs to families of children eligible for early intervention services.

Funding is provided through:
Children's of Alabama
Medicaid (when child is eligible)
State Early Intervention funds
Private Insurance (when permission is given)
Other Funding Sources
Families whose child participates in the Group Peer program pay tuition to help cover the costs involved with providing quality developmental enrichment group activities to their typically developing child.

What happens now?

  1. Upon referral to CEI, the family is contacted by a EIS team member to schedule the intake and eligibility determination appointment(s).
  2. If eligible for early intervention, the family will then be contacted by a CEI service coordinator to set up the Individualize Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting at which time the family and EIS team determines what services and supports the family and child will need.
  3. Once the IFSP meeting has been completed, the identified services and supports will begin.

The IFSP may be reviewed, added to, or changed by the family at any time by talking with their service coordinator. If not before, the plan will be reviewed 6 months after the initial meeting and then again 1 year after the initial meeting. The needs of infants, toddlers and their families change quickly during these first three years but the team at EIS is here to help provide whatever support and encouragement is needed.

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