Compliance Corner Articles

The Compliance Corner is a brief reminder to all Children's employees of our commitment to excellence and quality care of our patients. These articles spotlight current topics relating to our Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures, rules and regulations concerning our organization.

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Gift Giving - 11-2020

Political Activity - 08-2020

Code of Conduct - 7th edition - 02-2020

Compliance Info on The Red Wagon - 07-2019

Anthem Breach - 11-2018

CMS Brookwood 07-2018

Professional Boundaries 04-2018

Performance Evaluations - Compliance 01-2018

Gift Giving and Receiving 12-2017

Conflict of Interest Reporting 09-2017

Hotline Reporting 06-2017

The Code Rules  03-2017 

Compliance Contest 12-2016 (no hyperlink)

Compliance Moved 04-2016

New Year - New Code 02-2016

It's about Time 12-2015

Social Media 09-2015
Hotline Reports 06-2015
Exclusion Screening 04-2015
Compliance Contest 12-2014 (no hyperlink)
Professional Boundaries 06-2014
HIPAA & Privacy 02-2014
Compliance Refresher 10-2013
Who Needs to Know? 07-2013
Technology - Pyxis 01-2013
Guidelines for Political Positions 10-2012
Access and Accountability 07-2012
Vendor Credentialing 02-2012
Conflict of Interest 09-2011
HIPAA-Privacy 06-2011

*Note: Policy numbers referenced in archived articles may change. Search in Lucidoc (on the Red Wagon) by title or key words for updated policies.