Pediatric Injury Updates


Governor Robert Bentley visiting Children's patients

Update: 11:29am Tuesday 05/31/2011

As of this morning, three patients remain hospitalized for injuries received during the April 27 tornado.


Update: 12:05pm Monday 05/23/2011

Currently, there are 3 children which remain hospitalized following the April 27th storms.


Update: 6:00pm Wednesday 05/18/2011

Of the 60 children we treated for injuries from the tornadoes that hit our state three weeks ago today, 5 remain hospitalized.


Update: 2:26pm Monday 05/16/2011

We still have 6 children recovering from the injuries they received during the April 27th storms.


Update: 10:35am Friday 05/13/2011

Today, we are still at 6 left in the hospital.


Update: 11:28am Tuesday 05/10/2011

As of this morning, one more child who was injured in the April 27 tornadoes has been discharged, leaving 9 still hospitalized. None are in PICU.


Update: 5:05pm Monday 05/09/2011

We are encouraged to report that, of the 60 patients treated at Children’s following the April 27 tornadoes, only 10 remain hospitalized today. All have been moved from the pediatric intensive care unit either to step-down units or regular patient floors.


Update: 1:00pm Thursday 05/05/2011
There are 14 patients remaining at the hospital from last week's storms. To watch today's media briefing featuring Dr. Steven Baldwin, Dr. Margaret Winkler and CEO, Mike Warren.

Update: 4:20pm Tuesday 05/03/2011


  • In terms of acuity, April 27, 2011 was the busiest night in the history of the Children’s Hospital of Alabama. In addition to its usual capacity, Children’s received 60 trauma patients from that night’s storms, of which 19 are still admitted. There were 2 deaths.
  • Of the 60 patients Children’s received from injuries from the storms, most were Level I traumas, meaning Children’s Hospital, home to the state’s only pediatric Level I Trauma Center, was the only place these children could have received that level of specialized care.
  • Many of the victims’ parents were also admitted to adult hospitals.
  • Most were brought to Children’s via ambulance/first responders. Others were transferred via helicopter from other hospitals, and a few were brought in by neighbors/members of the community.
  • The general nature of injuries received were severe head traumas, broken bones and lacerations. Most required surgery.
  • Children’s received patients from at least 13 counties in Alabama. About half the patients were from West Alabama, particularly the Tuscaloosa metro area, one of the most devastated areas.
  • Many staff members reported to the hospital during the storms themselves in order to help these patients.
  • Due to the severity of the patients’ injuries, nearly all patients were admitted to Intensive Care units, Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Special Care and the Burn Center.
  • Quote from Children’s CEO Mike Warren, “For a hundred years Children’s Hospital has been there in the time of need and believe me last week was a time of need. The tornadoes, the storms that went through Alabama resulted in children from all over this state being referred to us for care. Many have said they have never seen anything like it. It’s also true at Children’s Hospital. In many ways it was our finest hour. People always tell me I don’t want my child to need to be at Children’s Hospital. But if there is a need, thank God for Children’s. That was clearly true last week. On Friday, Governor Bentley had the opportunity to tour the hospital and say thanks on behalf of a grateful state, to the caregivers, to those who helped the caregivers, to Children’s Hospital personnel of all kinds. It takes a team to make things work and that’s exactly what happened last week during these storms.”

Update: 10:10am Tuesday 05/03/2011

Of the 60 patients we received 19 are still admitted. Two deaths. All others discharged.

Update: 2:30pm Monday 05/02/2011

Tornado Survivors-How Can I Help?

  • The outpouring of concern and compassion for our patients being treated for storm-related injuries has been inspiring. The generosity of our community is overwhelming and greatly appreciated. During their stay at Children’s, all the needs of these youngsters are being addressed. Aside from the medical care they are receiving, they have also been provided clothing, toys and other necessities. Most importantly, every child, even those who lost one or both parents in the storm, has been reunited with a family member. Once these patients are discharged, their needs are likely to be great and we know you want to help. We encourage you to provide any assistance you can via these avenues:
  • Make a donation to the Salvation Army and/or the American Red Cross. Visit or to make a financial donation and learn about other ways to give.
  • Give blood. Visit or to find the blood donation center closest to you.
  • The Children’s Hospital toy closet is well-stocked at this time so we ask that any toy donations be directed to Scott School (Hwy. 78 and Cherry Ave. in Pratt City) or the Christian Service Mission (3600 3rd Ave. S., Birmingham).
  • To provide financial assistance to our patient families, you may make a monetary donation to Children’s Hospital Foundation and earmark it for “Social Services.”
  • Many members of our community have offered to volunteer here at Children’s to help the children and families we’re caring for. As much as we would like to bring volunteers in to assist at this time, we must follow our regular hospital guidelines. To learn more, visit, click “Ways to Give,” then “Volunteer.”

Update: 7:05pm Friday 04/29/2011

Video of Children's Hospital Tornado Response

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Update: 6pm Friday 04/29/2011

Governor Robert Bentley's visit to Children's

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Update: 5:45pm Friday 04/29/2011

In response to the ongoing local and national interest in the patients we are treating in the aftermath of Wednesday's storms, the following shows airing tonight will feature some of our patients, families, staff and doctors.

  • CNN's John King, USA at 6-7 p.m. - Dr. Steve Baldwin of the Emergency Department
  • Dateline NBC from 8-10 p.m. - Matthews family of Ashville
  • Fox 6 from 6 -7 p.m. - Doreen Duley of Pastoral Care

Also, local TV stations ABC 33/40, NBC 13 and CBS 42 are expected to broadcast their coverage of Governor Robert Bentley's visit to Children's today, which The Birmingham News also covered.

Injury Update: 11:00am Friday 04/29/2011

60 total patients, 37 admitted, 2 deaths and 22 discharges. Please continue to check this website ( throughout the day for further updates including upcoming video from staff and images from Governor Bentley's scheduled visit.

Injury Update: 2pm Thursday 04/28/2011

54 treated, 39 admitted, 13 discharged, 1 in ED now being evaluated. In general we are ready to help more patients if needed. Physicians expecting additional injuries occurring during cleanup efforts.

Injury Update: 1pm Thursday 04/28/2011

Children's Hospital has, thus far, received and treated 48 patients in our Emergency Department. Many of these children suffered major injuries requiring surgery. So far 34 have been admitted. There has been one death. At least seven are still being evaluated. The night was, in terms of acuity, one of the busiest in the history of our trauma center. We will continue to provide updates of Children's Hospital response to injuries from Wednesday's severe weather event including latest information on the number and types of injuries treated.

We will add video and images from Chief Operating Officer Tom Shufflebarger and Emergency Medicine Physician Steven Baldwin following a 1 p.m. (CDT) news briefing.