Book A Meeting

All BLC events are booked by filling out a Space Availability Form

Fill out the form with your REQUEST for date or dates availability by filling out ALL of the information listed in the form. No request may be processed without ALL of the required information.  After completing the form, click the submit button in the upper right hand corner.  The form will be sent to us via your email.

If the date or dates are available you will receive a return email with that availability.

Select the date you wish to book and send an email with this final selection.

The event will be booked and a return email will be sent to you with a Confirmation Number and Banquet Event Order to be signed and returned to the BLC.

No event will be considered booked until the confirmation number has been issued and a signed BEO is on file.

Keep your confirmation number close at hand as it will be required for any changes or corrections to your event.