HIPAA Privacy

Additional Forms Regarding Your Privacy Rights at Children’s of Alabama

Patients or their parents/legal guardians have certain privacy rights under HIPAA, including the right to:


Important Reference Information: Business Associate Agreements

Vendors who work with Protected Health Information must sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements as required per the HIPAA Regulations.

Vendors: Please refer to the attached Children's of Alabama HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. Please complete, sign and return it to HIPAA@childrensal.org. Thank you for your teamwork.

Visiting Observers

  1. Please contact the provider/practitioner you wish to observe at Children’s of Alabama to schedule your observation.
  2. Please complete and sign the Request to Observe Provider Practitioner at Children's of Alabama Form.
  3. Please complete and sign the Forms in the The Visiting Observer Packet.
  4. Please scan the completed and signed form and packet information to HIPAA@ChildrensAL.org. If you have any questions, please contact the HIPAA Privacy Officer at 205-638-5959.