Our Team

Our Pediatric Liver Transplantation Team includes Derek A. Dubay, MD, and Stephen H. Gray, MD, in conjunction with our Hepatologist, Brendan McGuire, MD, and his associates.

Carlton Young, MD, leads the Pediatric Kidney Transplantation Team with our Director of Nephrology, Daniel Feig, MD, and his associates. Other physicians may assist or consult, including specialists, fellows and residents.


Jan Nogueira, MD
Assistant Professor

Carlton Young, MD
Director of Pancreas Transplant Program
Director, Pediatric Transplantation

Stephen H. Gray, MD, MSPH
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery

Child Life Specialists

Child life specialists assist transplant patients and their families through the use of play experiences, developmentally appropriate information and therapeutic support.

A counselor helps patients and families cope with the issuesof living with a chronic disease.

Nutritionists are on hand to provide instruction about post-transplant nutritional needs. They also help manage the complex nutritional needs of the transplant recipient on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

The pharmacist provides instruction about medications and their purpose — and the importance of strict adherence to medication protocols in order to stay healthy and prevent organ rejection.

Social Workers
A social worker is available to assist patients and families during the hospital stay and transplant clinic visits. The social worker can help
with social, emotional, insurance or financial issues.

Transplant Coordinators
Transplant coordinators provide education, nursing care and support pre- and post-transplant throughout the patient's pediatric transplant journey.