Soundscapes for Children's

image_soundscapes.gifChildren’s of Alabama strives to provide the finest quality of pediatric care available for every patient we serve. Through the knowledge of medical staff, the work of our administration, as well as the help from volunteers; we all have a moral responsibility to take care of each and every child that walks through our doors. At Children’s, we not only see this care as helping to heal “physical” pain; but moreover, we have a responsibility to care for patient’s emotional well-being.

Listening to music may be one way in which a patient heals emotionally – and in turn, physically as well. The sound of a beautifully crafted musical piece on instruments such as the piano, violin, or acoustic guitar can have the ability to take a person’s mind to a faraway place, providing a distraction from the medical challenges at the moment. 

Soundscapes for Children’s (Soundscapes) is a year-round music program designed to help create a quiet, soothing, and calm atmosphere.   With this program, talented local musicians – individuals or small groups – have an opportunity to play soft background music as patients, family members, guests, and Children’s of Alabama employees go about their day. Our hope is that this ambiance will help patients in their recovery, as well as families in stressful times.  

In order to participate, local musicians / small groups must complete an application and submit an audio or video recording of a musical piece. This is a requirement for consideration. A Music Committee has been established for Soundscapes and will review all applications.

Online Application

Additional Information & Requirements

  • All participants must be at least 16 years of age or older. No exceptions. 
  • Groups whom would like to come in and perform must not exceed five (5) persons.
  • Any individual who wishes to participate in our Soundscapes Music Program more than three (3) times, must become a full-pledge Children’s of Alabama volunteer. For information regarding our Volunteer Services Program as well as applying to become a Children’s of Alabama volunteer, please visit:

If groups exceed more than 5 participants then prior approval must be granted by the Soundscapes Music Committee.The decision will be made on a case by case basis. Please send request at

  • All performances will be held in the McWane Lobby on the Children’s campus, (1600 7th Avenue South). Performer(s) are asked to park in the 7th Avenue Parking Deck – located directly across the street from the hospital building. When entering the deck, pull a ticket to get in. The information desk staff will validate the ticket so that performer(s) may receive free parking. 
  • Please check-in at the McWane Information Desk to receive a badge. This “temporary” badge is to be worn during the entire duration of the performance and while on Children’s of Alabama property. 


We provide a grand piano. All other instruments will need to be provided by the performer(s). We cannot provide an amplifier, or microphone. Therefore, any performer who needs this must provide that equipment as well.    


Soundscapes Music Committee will do our best to inform patients, families, and Children’s employees of all performances. Through our Children’s Happenings weekly email, distribution of flyers, and word of mouth, we will do as much as we can to “get the word” out of upcoming musical performances. Please note however, that Soundscapes has no control over the ability or willingness of any patients, families, guests, or Children’s of Alabama staff to come and listen. 

Additional Guidelines

  • All performers are PROHIBITED to use photography of any kind while participating in Soundscapes for Children’s. This includes photos, videos, and audio recordings. Moreover, no individual / group may take pictures / videos of themselves performing. This includes “selfies” of any kind. 
  • Performers are PROHIBITED to post anything regarding the performance on any type of Social Media page without receiving approval from Children’s of Alabama first.
  • Effective October 1st, 2016, ALL performers will be required to have a flu shot prior to participating in Soundscapes.
  • Performers may bring bottled water while performing. However, any other foods, snacks, or drinks are PROHIBITED while performing.  This is to keep the area clean as well as keep the grand piano safe. There are several places to eat within Children’s of Alabama, and performers are encouraged to eat and drink before and/or after performances. 
  • Performers are asked to please remember to refrain from handing out any material / items to patients, families, and guests. This includes any business cards or self-marketing materials.   

Children’s of Alabama will not be responsible for any performer(s) personal items, sheet music, musical equipment, etc. Please remember to take ALL personal items and music equipment upon the completion of the performance.