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I just wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC experience my daughter recently had with Dr. Jan Rowe. Truly, she has been an angel in our lives, and I wanted to pass that on. Over the years my daughter has a variety of tics, with the most obvious one being eye blinking. It didn’t bother her until this year, when classmates started commenting. Dr. Dure, our physician, had told us about the alternative therapies, and with his referral we began seeing Dr. Rowe.

In the first session, she started making strides I never expected. By the sixth session her blinking tic was basically undetectable. While I've always felt fortunate to have a hospital like Children's close by, this experience brought me to a new level of gratitude. Dr. Rowe was a joy to work with and so kind to my daughter. I'm also so appreciative to Dr. Dure for his expertise and leadership in managing her tics.

What your clinic does is life-changing. Thank you for your hard work, your research, and the options you provide families. I know Dr. Rowe has done TV appearances in the past, and I hope all of you keep getting the message out, because so many families in Alabama can benefit as we have.


Jamie Mobley Hagy
My daughter is 9 and she was diagnosed last year with TS. Dr Basically told us there was nothing we could do that he didn’t drug patients to keep them from being made fun of. We went to a TS meeting TSA of Birmingham support group and found out about CBIT...got in the right hands...my daughter did her 8 weeks therapy...we go back for a booster sometime before school starts.

I cannot say enough good...we started with 6 different tics...today she has one tic and it is the original tic (we call it the OG tic) but where it used to involve her whole face and was constantly...now it is only blinking her eyes one long blink...and usually only when she is tired or sick. She still doesn’t feel tic so its hard to redirect urge to tic if you don’t feel it.

I highly recommend CBIT with Dr Rowe. She was great and everyone we worked with there was awesome!


My name is Linda and Lucas is my 17 year old son. He began with Tourette Syndrome in fourth grade. Prior to this everything was great, grades very good and was in our school's gifted program. Now everything begins to get worse no matter what we tried, declining grades, increased tics among other things. We tried everything thing including prescription meds, neuro-feedback, diet, vitamins and relaxation tapes. When he was failing ninth grade we all went to a seminar and heard about CBIT. This was a blessing! Beginning from the first session he began dropping tics one each week til all gone! Today he is doing great. No visible tics and if one starts, he knows how to address it. He is now only being treated for ADD. We can now focus on a happy future. Our thanks to Dr. Rowe & CBIT.


Laura McRae
I have 2 children that have experienced tics. My son is now 10 and was showing facial tics for a few years and my daughter who is 8 was having a hard time with a frequent abdominal tic. This program has worked for both of them in just a short period of time. I am amazed at how simple yet effective the competing response can be. I can't say enough about Dr. Jan Rowe and her gift in helping children in this way.


Joy Germanos
As a parent, I am so appreciative of the opportunity that my son had to participate in the CBIT clinic. Dr. Rowe and her clinic treated all of us with such dignity and understanding that my son felt comfortable trusting in this process to help him with his tics. I have found Dr. Rowe to be extraordinarily compassionate and knowledgeable in her approach. As a result of participating in the CBIT Clinic, I feel that the life trajectory for my son has been forever changed for the better-he is now equipped with skills that he can use anywhere to manage his tics. With these skills, he has a new sense of mastery and self-confidence which help him to thrive in all areas of his life.