Pediatric Cardiovascular Registered Dietician

The role of the cardiovascular nutritionist is to complete a comprehensive nutrition assessment and collaborate with the multidisciplinary team in the development of an individualized plan to meet your child's nutritional needs for optimal growth. A nutrition assessment includes a growth evaluation, assessment of nutrient intake, evaluation of nutritional needs, formula/diet recommendations, discharge planning and referrals for community-based nutrition resources. Your nutritionist may also provide nutrition counseling on diet modifications, drug/nutrient interactions, formula mixing or feeding schedules.

Nutritionists can help with a variety of issues, including poor growth, behavioral feeding problems, formula intolerance, weight management, food allergies, constipation, and nutrition support. Nutrition support, which includes enteral (tube feeding) and parenteral (IV) nutrition, may be needed if your child is unable to meet nutritional needs by mouth due to medical condition or feeding issues. If nutrition support is required, the nutritionist will recommend the appropriate regimen to ensure your child will meet their nutrient needs, follow growth trends, and monitor labs and tolerance.

Your nutritionist can also schedule one-on-one outpatient appointments with a referral from a physician. As an outpatient, your child will receive an in-depth assessment to evaluate nutritional needs and growth status, and counseling on nutrition plan and goals. For more information on outpatient services and the physician referral form, please visit the clinical nutrition page or call 205-638-6047.