Plagiocephaly Clinic

The Plagiocephaly Clinic at Children’s of Alabama offers a multi-disciplinary approach to treat infants with positional plagiocephaly, or flattening of the head. Positional plagiocephaly can occur when the soft bones of an infant’s head meet pressure or resistance — either prenatally or after birth when the child lies or sleeps in one position regularly. The goal of the clinic is to offer an initial neurosurgical evaluation to determine whether the flattening of the head is a positional deformation or true craniosynostosis, a deformity of the skull that occurs when one or more of the joints in an infant’s head closes prematurely.

The clinic treats infants from 1 to 9 months of age with abnormal head shape. To help expedite the diagnosis, we ask that the referring physician obtain AP/lateral skull x-rays as soon as there is concern regarding head shape. Once a diagnosis is established, the child will be seen at either the plagiocephaly or craniofacial clinic for follow-up.  True craniosynostosis will be evaluated by our pediatric plastic surgeon, along with our neurosurgical team. Physicians may refer patients by contacting our office manager at 205-638-9653 or visiting the Department of Neurosurgery’s appointment page for referral information.

The Plagiocephaly Clinic team also includes a physical therapist who can assist with the treatment of torticollis, or issues with neck muscles, that can often accompany positional plagiocephaly. For infants who would benefit from wearing a cranial helmet, we also offer on-site scanning for a custom-fitted orthosis.