Toxin in the News and Toxin Question of the Week

Please email your answer to Dr. King – and copy myself, Laura Read- and Becky Rozier- Dr. King will be grading these. Due at the end of each week.

The Toxin question of the week- Answers should be referenced, at least a half page or more and include a mechanism of action.

The Toxin in the News report is a half to full page description of a toxin related story reported on a news site. For example, FDA alerts or recalls are allowed, any drug adverse effect story, food poisoning outbreaks, environmental toxins and mishaps, zoonotic diseases, red tide, vulnificus infections and other marine related diseases and of course any drug toxicity or overdose story would all be allowed. These may be found on the internet (news sites like CNN, Fox, ABC, etc). Please provide a well described summary with health implications stated. Please also email a copy to your fellow students. Everyone must participate and at least one comment from each student on other’s submissions is expected.