Orientation Information

Please always contact Regional Poison Control Center, 1-800-222-1222, Becky Rozier (on Thursday and Fridays), and Laura Read if you need to call in sick.
Laura Read cell: 205-492-0406, send text or call if needed. Email: laura.read@childrensal.org
Becky Rozier cell: 205-541-6446, send text or call on Thursdays and Fridays. Email: becky.rozier@childrensal.org
Please go ahead now and put these phone numbers in your phone: RPCC, Becky and Laura

  • Your hours of attendance will be Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.. You may take a 30 minute lunch. You may bring lunch from home and use our kitchen. Take-out is also okay, but please only break for 30 minutes. You may want to use the break room on the 2nd floor. Please check in with Laura or Becky and let them know when you go to lunch so we know your whereabouts.
  • You will possibly be given opportunities to see patients, attend meetings, etc outside of your normal hours. When this occurs, we will allow you to take off time from you normal schedule.
  • Key cards–door entrance

Introduction to staff:

Laura Read, RPh, BSPharm, CSPI – Preceptor
Becky Rozier, BSN, RN, CSPI – Preceptor Proxy
LaDonna Gaines, BSN, RN, CSPI – Clinical Coordinator
Ann Slattery, DrPH, RN, RPh, DABAT, Clinical and Environmental Toxicologist, Managing Director of Regional Poison Control Center
Bill King, RPh, MPH, DrPH – Epidemiologist
Michele Nichols, MD – Medical Director of Regional Poison Control Center
Justin Arnold, DO, Co – Medical Director of Regional Poison Control Center
William Rushton, MD, Medical Toxicologist