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Meah and Carson

Sickle cell disease

Meah and Carson Simpson bicker as siblings, but they’re each other’s cheerleader and protector through thick and thin. Meah, born in 2005 with sickle cell disease, is a gentle soul with a fighter’s spirit. At age 6 months, she developed pneumonia, which led to the first of many bouts of acute chest syndrome, a lung-related complication of sickle cell disease...

Meah and Carson's Story


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia

For almost two years, Rollins Wilkerson was a typical, healthy little girl. But the week of her second birthday in June 2008, she began to exhibit seemingly small illnesses. First, it was pink eye. Then, it was an ear infection. “We really didn’t think much of it,” said her mother, Brooke...

Rollin's Story


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Eighteen-year-old Matthew Myers is a rising sophomore at Samford University in Birmingham majoring in pre-pharmacy. Why pre-pharmacy? He answers without hesitation...

Matthew's Story