New Graduate Orientation

The New Graduate Orientation Program is developed to assist newly-hired new graduate nurses at COA with a successful transition from the classroom to workforce. It's design includes a comprehensive hospital orientation, classroom (didactic), role play, case studies and simulation activities for bedside nurses.

The sixteen week curriculum offers validation of basic nursing competencies, knowledge/skills, socialization and professional development. New graduates return to the classroom on Mondays for lecture and interactive sessions to augment critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork skills. During the remainder of the week, new graduates are expected to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the care of their patients. New graduates are hired directly into a particular department as a Staff Nurse. Each nurse is then assigned a Unit Based training Specialist (UBTS) and an Unit Based Educator to guide them through their orientation. The goal is to move the new graduate nurse from a novice to advanced beginner by the end of the program.

Benefits of the NG Program are threefold:

  1. New graduate nurses gain greater confidence, competence and mastery of ability to perform nursing duties
  2. COA has seen an increase in job satisfaction with a decrease in turnover rates of newly hired nurses
  3. Patient care is enhanced because the nurses have an increased ability to organize, prioritize and take care of their patients.