Infant Pulmonary Functions

Pulmonary Function Tests tell us how well your child's lungs are working. Children who are five and older take these tests each visit. We now have the capability of providing this service for our infants and toddlers 6 months to 2 years old. Our CF team is very excited about this new service.

Unlike PFT's done on older children, iPFT's are done on the sedated infant or toddler. The child is given an oral medicine called Chloral Hydrate to make him or her sleepy. You are allowed to rock your child to sleep, then the child is placed in a  bed similar to a hospital nursery bassinet to perform the test. The machine allows the doctor to measure lung size, volume and problems with small airways.  A face mask with putty to seal the mask to the child's face is used to inflate the lungs with air. A special vest is placed on the child, which hugs the child to push the air from his/her lungs after inflation. A computer measures the air as it is exhaled from the child's lungs and helps determine how healthy the lungs are.

  1. Put your child to bed late the night before the test.
  2. Keep your child awake for 4 hours before the test, if possible.
  3. Do not feed your child solids or formula for 6 hours before the test.  This includes tube feedings.  Your nurse will  tell you a specific time to stop all food intake.
  4. If your child is on Bronchodilators (albuterol,  xopenex, or foradil), please don't give them for 8 hours before the test.
  5. The child will be lying on his or her back for the test, so avoid ponytails or hair barrettes on the back of the head.

Printable Brochure