ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who does this change affect?

On a base level the change will affect everyone at Children's because medical coding is how Children's and its partners are reimbursed by payers for the care we provide. On a specific level there are three audiences for training: 

  1. Professional coders and those involved in quality data collection will need detailed training. Coder training is available through our ICD-10 partner's website, 3M. Department leaders should contact Cheryl Glasscock at cheryl.glasscock@childrensal.org to obtain access. Each web-based course takes about 2-3 hours of training.
  2. Employees involved in the revenue cycle, clinic office staff, scheduling and operations employees and anyone entering data with ICD-9 codes. This audience will need to take an Advanced Awareness course on Lucidoc or Children's University (formerly CHEX). The course takes 30 minutes to complete.
  3. Physicians not affiliated with UAB (generally those without access to UAB email as UAB is doing training for its affiliated physicians), Licensed Independent Practitioners and other clinicians interested in ICD-10's impact on documentation will have access to a series of online videos that will provide an introduction and general structure changes. Each video takes 20-30 minutes to view and is available via Lucidoc or Children's University (formerly CHEX).

2. How will I know what ICD10 training to complete?

  • Directors will be review the ICD-10 training content in order to better understand it and the implications to their departments. This review should be completed no later than May 1.
  • After reviewing the training, each director will assign the appropriate ICD10 training to their staff.
  • Employee's should complete the assigned ICD-10 training by the date provided by their director. Training will be available on Children's University.

3. What will happen with the Outpatient Coding Charge Tickets?

  • All Outpatient Coding Charge Tickets that currently contain ICD-9 codes will need remediation to include the ICD-10 codes.
  • All Outpatient Coding Charge Tickets have been translated from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes and sent to the form owner for remediation. The expectation is that the new forms should be completed and returned beginning April 1 so they can be placed into production by June 1.
  • Several options are available for Charge Ticket remediation. There is not a "one-size-fits-all" and assistance can be requested through the ICD website.
  • There will be an "encoder" product available on all CoA computers for assistance during outpatient clinic visits for finding the correct ICD-10 codes for each visit.

4. What other information is available?

  • We have created webpage dedicated to ICD-10. You can link from the Red Wagon (intranet) or visit www.childrensal.org/icd10 to ask a question, get answers, link to training information or to read FAQs.