HR Solicitation & Distribution Policy

HorizLogoSolicitation and Distribution

Human Resource Policy F-02

Reissue Date: November 3, 2008


“Solicitation” as referred to in this policy refers to a type of verbal conduct that includes approaching any person or persons for any of the following purposes: offering anything for sale, asking for donations, collecting funds, canvassing, or seeking to promote, encourage, or discourage (a) participation in or support for any organization, activity, or event; or (b) membership in any organization. Handing out or delivering membership cards or applications for any organization is considered soliciting.

“Distribution of literature” is a type of non-verbal conduct. Handing out or delivering to any person or persons any literature or materials, including circulars, notices, papers, leaflets, or any other printed or written materials.

 “Working time” as defined by this policy means “on-duty” time and excludes authorized meal times, or periods before and after an employee is scheduled to begin work.

 “Working areas” of CHS include any area in which work is performed by any employee. Solicitation using the e-mail system or other electronic delivery system is a violation of policy and can subject employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Solicitation and distribution in any form on CHS property by non-employees and nonaffiliated agents of CHS is prohibited. Any employee and/or management person who observes such activity should immediately report it to Security and Human Resources.

No employee shall engage in solicitation for any cause or in distribution of literature of any kind in any areas of CHS during his or her working time. An employee not on working time shall not solicit for any cause or distribute literature of any kind to an employee who is on working time.

No employee shall engage in solicitation for any cause or in distribution of literature of any kind in patient care areas of CHS. Areas of CHS that are patient care areas are areas including, but not limited, to patient rooms, waiting rooms, operating rooms, physician practices buildings, all patient therapy and treatment rooms, corridors, stairways, elevators, and any other area of CHS in which solicitation or distribution might adversely affect patient care or disturb patients.

Official CHS bulletin boards are located throughout CHS facilities including the first floor of the hospital across from the Communications Department, near the cafeteria, outside clinic one or the specialty care wing, in the elevator lobby of Park Place, and one in each practice.

Posting of information regarding CHS fundraising events may be made with prior notification to CHS Administration.

It shall be the responsibility of the employee to read notices posted in order to gain information relating to their employment, benefits, policies, etc.

It shall be the responsibility of each department head to maintain departmental bulletin boards to post information of interest (i.e. schedules, policies, and notices) to the department employees. The department head should limit the information to department matters and official CHS business.

Information posted on hospital bulletin boards must be approved in advance of posting by the Vice-President of Human Resources or designee. Information posted on departmental bulletin boards will be approved and bear the signature or initials of the Department Director.

Employees who utilize bulletin boards for unauthorized solicitation or posting of inappropriate material will be subject to discipline.