Feeding/ Swallowing

Occupational Therapists at The Chidren's Hospital provide evaluation and treatment for children with feeding and swallowing disorders.  Depending on the type of swallowing problem seen, Speech Pathologists may also be involved. Both of these professionals often work together as a team to evaluate and treat children with these problems.

Occupational Therapists in our facility have expertise in the evaluation and treatment of feeding/swallowing disorders associated with:

  • prematurity
  • reflux
  • heart problems
  • pulmonary compromise
  • Bronchiopulmonary Displasia
  • esophageal abnormalities such as fistulas and atresias
  • failure to thrive 

Occupational Therapists are also trained to identify behavioral feeding difficulties that may result from early medical problems or conditions such as:

  • Asberger's syndrome
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Oral-sensory problems

Therapists work with parents to resolve resulting feeding problems quickly, as food choices are often limited. This can present a real problem for parents attempting to provide toddlers and pre-school children good nutrition in a pleasant environment.  Our feeding therapists provide feeding programs to aid parents in identifying problems and working toward feeding goals.