Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we see?
We see children of all ages with any concern about:

  • Development
  • Behavior
  • Social Skills
  • Learning

Who will your child see?
Your child will be seen by a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, who is a special kind of pediatrician that focuses on children who are having trouble with learning skills or with difficult behaviors.

Where is the clinic?
We are in the Park Place building, on the ground floor. We share a clinic with Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology. Our address is 1601 4th Avenue South, Children's Park Place II (Ground floor), Clinic A, Birmingham, AL 35233. Parking is available in the parking deck in the same building.

What will happen at the visit?

  • Your child’s doctor will talk with you and your child together about your concerns.
  • If your child is old enough, he or she might speak to the doctor alone.
  • You may be asked to fill out surveys that give the doctor more information about your child’s behavior or skills.
  • The doctor will do a full medical examination. He or she may also do other developmental testing or watch how your child plays.

What won’t happen at the visit?

  • We do not do neuropsychological testing or detailed school testing.
  • We do not give shots! (Your child will be happy to know!)

How long will the visit last?

  • If this is your first visit, your visit will be scheduled for an hour and a half.
  • If you are coming back for follow-up, your visit may last from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on why you are following up.

What will happen after the visit?

  • Because we gather so much information at the first visit, many times we may ask families to come back at least a week after their first visit for a second, shorter visit, where your doctor will go over the recommendations and plan for your child. For this second visit, we ask that only parents or caregivers come, and that the child not come.
  • You will get a letter in the mail from your doctor with all the information that was discussed during your visit, and all the recommendations we make. Your child’s primary care provider will also get this letter.

Who should come to the visit?

  • Your child
  • All caregivers who are highly involved with your child’s care (usually parents)
  • Child’s legal guardian (if different from caregivers)
  • We welcome any case managers or other important people who work with your child or your family and who are able to come

Who shouldn’t come to the visit?
While we love kids, we ask that your child’s brothers and sisters stay home or at school if possible.

Tips for making your visit go as smoothly as possible:

  • Fill out the intake packet and send it to us before your visit.
  • Make sure your child is healthy and eats a good meal before your visit. If your child gets sick before your visit, let us know as soon as possible and we will decide what is best to do.
  • Bring any special toys your child likes to play with.
  • Bring snacks if you’d like (but preferably not messy or crumbly snacks).