At Children's of Alabama, we promise to find more cures. We promise to provide one class of quality care. We promise to provide the finest care available. We promise to be faithful to our promises to our children.

At Children's, we promise your child comes first.

We are on a very special mission. That's why we've chosen to work here. To make an impact. To make a difference.

In serving children, you serve yourself even more, through both personal satisfaction and professional growth. On your journey here, what you give out, you get back. You give compassion and it's gently multiplied back to you. You share a smile, and it is given back to you through the innocent trust of children.

We focus as a team on quality caregiving, and it builds relationships. We think of what can be and it moves us to a higher level.

Children are the center of our lives.  

Children's of Alabama
Human Resources
2101 Magnolia Ave, Suite 200 
Birmingham, AL 35205

Children's of Alabama is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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