COVID-19 Ways to Help

How you can help in the fight against COVID-19

We are grateful for the generous offers of support from our community during this challenging time. Like everyone else, we are taking on this fight day by day. So far, we have learned that there are indeed certain ways that you can help us:

Protect yourself, your family and your community

First and foremost, we all must exercise the discipline necessary to slow the spread of the virus. We have outlined the recommended steps you should take on our website at You should stay informed, and follow the CDC recommended guidelines at

Donate Meals for Hospital Staff

In the midst of this crisis, our hospital staff goes to work every day and continues to provide world class care to our young patients. Many have reached out to us to determine the best way to provide meals to these heroes. There are some general restrictions on what can and cannot be accepted. If you are interested in providing meals for our staff, please email: Jamie McLynn at


Your Donations are Critical, and Deeply Appreciated

In order to protect our patients and our employees, we have taken drastic steps to reduce the human density in our facilities by sending over 1,500 employees home to work. We have canceled all elective surgeries (and non-urgent surgeries), and have significantly ramped up our telemedicine efforts to keep patients and families out of the facility. These are important, necessary steps and we are confident they are best for our staff and patients alike. However, the dramatic reduction in revenues, coupled with the unplanned expenses, will be felt and felt deeply. Your donations are critical and deeply appreciated. To learn more about how your generosity can help, please visit or email